World Cup 2014

2014 World Cup Trophy

We brought home the 4th Star!!! 🙂

What an exciting and fun World Cup it was! Thank you Thank you Thank you for unforgettable matches that will go down in soccer history like Germany’s win over Brazil!

7:1 – Wahnsinn!! (Madness!!)

I am so proud of the mind-blowing performance by my team – DEUTSCHLAND. Every part of me yearns to be home celebrating with my family, my friends and my nation. Being here in Houston, TX, two days after the amazing World Cup win of Germany in the greatest tournament on earth, I feel lonely. Being here feels like nothing ever happened, but my spirit is still soaring with Sunday’s victory.

What am I to do with my euphoric emotions? Few people here can relate to what this win, this last month, truly means to me. Although I am so appreciative of friends and students who rooted and fevered with me (thank you guys for putting up with me!), I know that the majority of Americans do not appreciate the World’s Game. I’m aware of the jokes, the crass criticism, and the overall misconception of North America’s attitude about soccer. It’s cool; to each his/her own, but in this moment, I miss being home surrounded by enthusiastic soccer fans.

I miss my Dad, too. This is the first World Cup without him. I did not have a lot in common with my Dad, but we shared a love for soccer. I always joke that it runs in my DNA. I can’t help it. In my mind I’m discussing strategies applied during the tournament and reminiscing on the Mannschaft’s great achievement with him. Miroslav Klose was his favorite player. Klose is the highest scoring soccer player in World Cup history with 16 goals, and the oldest player on the team at the age of 36 (you’re learning some soccer stats on this blog, too :)). I like to imagine that my Dad is sitting on a cloud, beaming with pride and smiling down on his four daughters who inherited his passion for the Game.

My country and its magnificent people celebrated the return of “The Mannschaft” (the team) in my beloved city of Berlin, the capitol of Germany, today. 400,000+ fans showed up and filled the historic Strasse des 17.Junis (17th of June Street) from the Siegessaeule (Victory Column) all the way to the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate). The energy, excitement, pride, and joy were palpable through the snippets of news coverage I was able to find online.

There are days I feel torn, my soul restless and out of tune with my long ago decision to live in the United States. Today is one of those days.
Germany Wins 2014 World Cup

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  • Kristi August 19, 2014, 11:13 am

    Oh Alex! So many of us here are fortunate for your decision to live in the United States. And for all of your decisions since that time 🙂

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