Student Feedback


Meraki Reviews - JC

“Alex’s group classes are consistently high quality, fun, and challenging. Her teaching style is encouraging and creates a positive learning environment.”

– JC


Meraki Reviews - Deb

“Life Changing! Alex was that one teacher who truly touched my heart and was able to reach me in a way no one else could. She guided me to a new and better chapter in life.

I began Yoga to become stronger and more fit but found so much more than I was looking for in my time practicing under Alex. In the physical practice, Alex’s teaching style is incredibly easy to follow, her cues and description of how and what you should be feeling help to lead you into proper alignment of each pose, so that you can realize the maximum benefit for your body. With this amazing physical practice of Yoga came incredible insight to all that Yoga has to offer, I find Alex’s teaching to be incredibly motivational and thought provoking, in addition the level of sincere thought and preparation that Alex puts in to each class, workshop or private lesson is evident. I started practicing under Alex three years ago in a group class, I have also done private sessions and workshops that she has offered and all them have been incredibly well planned and inspiring. To me Yoga is an ongoing journey into ones self but it take the right person to help you get there, I am thankful that I found Alex and was able to tap into all that she has to give.”

– Deb


Meraki Reviews - Julie

“Thanks for your time and dedication to putting together great classes. Every time I go to your classes I learn at least one new technique that takes me further in my yoga journey.”

– Julie


Meraki Reviews - Randi

“You have made a huge difference in my practice.”

– Randi


Meraki Reviews - Kristi

“You have been instrumental in my spiritual and physical growth over the years. Thank you for helping to ground me and lift me up at the same time.”

– Kristi


Meraki Reviews - Amber

“Thank you so much for sharing your love & knowledge of yoga. It has been such a wonderful experience having you as a teacher. You have really helped me grow in my practice.”

– Amber


Meraki Reviews - Angela

“Thank you for sharing your love of yoga with us week after week. You are a gifted teacher – so full of knowledge, love and life.”

– Angela


Meraki Reviews - Kim

“You have inspired me on many different levels. Thank you so much for being my teacher!”

– Kim


Meraki Reviews - Sheryl

“You have no idea how grateful I am for your teaching. Your beauty & grace have been an inspiration. Your lessons have taught me more than positions, but have given me great insight.”

– Sheryl


Meraki Reviews - Stefani

“I seriously drifted off into some other place during our Thai Yoga Massage session. Wow! Talk about relaxing and stress-relieving! I loved every second of it and truly did not want it to end! Thank you so much…and I can’t wait to book another session!”

– Stefani