Private Sessions With Alex

Private session with Alex - Meraki Yoga

Join Alex on the incredible, life-supporting path of Yoga!

​When you learn to practice with intelligent action, you can bring that same quality of discernment to whatever life puts in your path. ​​Let Alex create & teach a sustainable yoga practice just for you! ​

Students choose private yoga instruction for different reasons. Someone new to the practice benefits from developing a foundation and joins group classes with confidence. Seasoned yogis may work on specific, challenging asanas; others choose personalized instruction for healing an injury with a therapeutic approach to the practice. Meditation and pranayama (breath work) is practiced in each session.

Fluent communication with each other ensures each session is intelligently designed to your individual needs. Private yoga classes are an investment for your personal growth and health.

If you would like to book private session, a special interest class or workshop, please send a message on our contact form or call 281-543-8584.

Private session with Alex - Meraki Yoga
Private and Semi-Private Session Rates
Private 60 mins $100
5 Private Sessions 60 mins $450
Semi-Private (2 Students) 60 mins $120

(Students should be on similar levels in their practice)

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Give a gift of health, growth and love – to yourself or someone else!
Private Yoga Session (60 mins): $100.00


5 Private Yoga Sessions (60 mins): $450.00


Private classes are excellent gifts!

Young…old…stiff…flexible…Yoga is for every body! Intelligent preparation of a well-designed yoga practice just for you!

Lets face it, having my attention and intention focused on you alone makes a difference!

Here’s what students say about Alex’s teaching.