It’s been a minute.. 💜

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It’s been a minute… 💜

Let me catch you up on the last year…

I’ve suffered for years with an issue in my right shoulder. The pain and limitation came and went, seemingly without explanation or reason. Well, the issue rarely ever went away completely, but I was able to function in daily life, in my teaching and personal yoga practice throughout the years, with modifications when I noticed the discomfort.

Last spring, right around the time when the pandemic hit the US, I practiced a lot with my beloved teachers and colleagues who offered classes & trainings online; from asana to philosophy to business classes, I signed up for it all!

I classify myself as an introvert and all the online practice opportunities suited me perfectly. I loved being able to study with teachers and colleagues I wouldn’t be able to otherwise due to distance and the time necessary to travel to be with them. In that regard the pandemic opened a huge door for me to connect with offerings near and far, without ever leaving my bedroom!

I’ve noticed the niggle, the discomfort in my shoulder, but it wasn’t any worse or different than in the past. My alignment-based practice allowed me to slow down and move mindfully, just the way I love it.  My desire to be on the mat was so all-consuming that I ignored the whispers and signals my body was sending me. Now, thinking back and having had time to process, I realize I couldn’t bare the thought that something as precious as my practice would be taken away from me too like so many other things, people, plans & experiences were already slipping through my fingers like quicksand. I knew I had no control over the unfolding of the global pandemic and type A as I am, I tried to control at least some aspect of my life: My practice. My steady ground of Being.

The piercing, breath-taking pain, and inability to move my shoulder and arm progressed quickly. I moaned, I cried, I whimpered, I couldn’t sleep. I was in agony and it effected every aspect of my life. I was devastated. It was all too much. The world in chaos, our lives put on hold, my body screaming for help. I rolled up my mat and banned it to a corner.

It took months to get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. Then it took months to get a diagnosis. Months! I learned that American healthcare is one big messy system and unless you can advocate for yourself tirelessly, little gets done. After numerous visits to doctors, x-rays, an MRI and threats of surgery, I finally got my diagnosis: Acute inflammation of the bursa and shoulder impingement. Hallelujah! Treatment: One steroid jab and physical therapy.

I got the steroid injection in the shoulder joint in October 2020 – after months of living with excruciating pain y’all! I felt relief within a few days, but I was forewarned of a long journey of recovery. I felt I knew enough about anatomy of the shoulder, back & chest to facilitate my own physical therapy, researched best PT practices and worked on it often. Another six months on and I’m ecstatic to realize I am without pain and I can aaalmost straighten my arm. I teared up when I did my first downdog recently, quickly followed by a happy dance!

At the beginning of the pandemic, I, like many of my colleagues, signed up for a Zoom account with the intention of taking my teachings online. I was learning about lights & microphones, backdrops, and ways to present the teachings through a screen. I sadly realized that I couldn’t teach group classes online when I couldn’t even demo anything!

My saving grace were my private students who’ve been with me for years. I was able to stay connected and offer sessions online and it worked great!

I often thought about reaching out, touching base, checking in to see how you all were doing. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed with everything going on personally and globally, a huge range of emotional ups and downs, I felt I had nothing to offer and my container to hold space varied daily.

The past year wasn’t all bad. I was able to work from home until recently, spent every day with my Shanti and my kitty Bhakti, cooked & baked a lot, vino & craft beer made regular occurrences, Netflix, Prime, BritBox were dear companions, and Will & my relationship thrived in 740 square feet since plans to move were stalled by the pandemic. We had our tiny bubble with one couple, social distanced and wore/wear masks. We miss our families, friends & social life. But we are healthy and have both been vaccinated. So, onward we go.

This Friday I’m taking the seat of the teacher – in person 😍 – with a series of yoga classes at Houston Healthcare Clear Lake and I am very excited to share this practice!

I’ve also started scheduling private sessions in person and have two spots remaining for Friday’s starting at 10am. If you are interested in one-on-one instruction, please get in touch!

Are you interested in joining group classes again? Please let me know as I ramp up my teaching schedule

Thank you for your presence in my life. It is meaningful, even from afar.


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  • Tamara May 4, 2021, 5:43 pm

    Lovely! I’m interested in a private session this Friday 10am!! Are you still available?

    • Alex May 5, 2021, 7:04 am

      Thanks for getting in touch Tamara! See you Friday at 10am!

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