It’s been a minute.. 💜

Meraki Yoga

It’s been a minute… 💜 Let me catch you up on the last year… I’ve suffered for years with an issue in my right shoulder. The pain and limitation came and went, seemingly without explanation or reason. Well, the issue rarely ever went away completely, but I was able to function in daily life, in… Read more

Grateful for my mat

In the fall of 2014 I visited & practiced in a lovely studio in Berea, Ohio called The Yoga Space. Since then I’ve been receiving their thoughtful newsletters. There’s always a nugget of wisdom in there that inspires and connects me to the depth of yoga. So it is with the description of yoga on… Read more

Coming Home

I’m at a fork in the road. I feel surprisingly close to turning toward a road I know well. A road I traveled for many years. During that time I woke up to many truths about people, about myself. I needed a major shift in my life. I walked to the edge, took a step… Read more

World Cup 2014

2014 World Cup Trophy

We brought home the 4th Star!!! :) What an exciting and fun World Cup it was! Thank you Thank you Thank you for unforgettable matches that will go down in soccer history like Germany’s win over Brazil! 7:1 – Wahnsinn!! (Madness!!) I am so proud of the mind-blowing performance by my team – DEUTSCHLAND. Every… Read more